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What started as a Methodist Camp meeting 175 years ago at "1451 MAIN STREET NATRONA HEIGHTS, P.A." is now a multi denominational cottage community.
The folks who own cottages here want to be a vital and interesting group of community minded people. We live, work and play and pray together. We enjoy having visitors at our worship services, Bible studies, concerts and other activities. Feel free to attend and bring a friend.

We hold services in our outdoor Tabernacle in July and August on Wednesday and Sunday nights. Different pastors from the area churches are invited to teach and preach as they feel led. We also schedule 3-4 Christian concerts during these months.
Our property opens April 1 and closes Oct 31. Our cottage owners have winter homes as far away as Florida and as near as 4 blocks away.

Cottages come with furniture and many creature comforts from previous owners including dishes, pots & pans, linens etc. You own it all. Currently a yearly assessment of $1500.00 includes gas, water, sewage, grounds keeping and taxes. Our caretaker lives on the premises year-round. We have laundry facilities, a large social hall with kitchen and rest rooms and our oversized out of the ground pool is heated.

We are very conveniently located, the nearest grocery store, post office and bank are 5 minutes away. The local mall "Pittsburgh Mills" and Walmart are 15 minutes away. Nearby Farmer's markets carry delicious, fresh, local produce. If you would like a drive in the beautiful countryside, some of our area farms have markets right at their location. It doesn't get fresher than that! Our PA tomatoes and corn are the tastiest I have ever had.

Lernerville  Speedway is just 25 minutes up the highway www.lernerville.com/.
and the scenic Allegheny River with public boat launch is 10 minutes away. Great kayaking, golf and Plenty of "Rails to Trails" along the river and through the woods if you like leisurely riding your bike, these trails are especially beautiful in the Fall.
We enjoy the fellowship of our neighbors on cooler evenings around the campfire feasting on hot dogs, mountain pies and smores.
Most days you will find our grove is so peaceful and relaxing you just stay home on your porch swing, visit with neighbors and enjoy the serenity and beauty of this blessed utopia.
For more information about our association and cottage sales please fill out our contact page and we will get back with you.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • 1451 Main Street, Natrona Heights, PA, United States 15065

Contact for more information about events and services.

                                                                                PLEASE JOIN US IN OUR OUTDOOR COVERED TABERNACLE    

                                                                                                                          RAIN OR SHINE

                                                                                                           ALL SERVICES START AT 7:00 PM

                                                                                     GUEST SPEAKERS JULY & AUGUST 2023


                             JULY SUNDAY EVENINGS  7:00 pm                                                  JULY WEDNESDAY EVENINGS  7:00 pm

                      JULY 2         BYRON & SUZY   OPENING                                       JULY 5    PASTOR CARMEN BUTLER

                      JULY 9         DENNY CHISNELL                                                      JULY 12   PASTOR AMILKAR CABRERA

                      JULY 16        LAY PASTOR GLENN NAGLE                                    JULY 19   T.B.A.

                      JULY 23      BRETT WEAVER  MISSIONARY                                 JULY 26   PASTOR JIM SPITZEL

                      JULY 30     SETH JERNIGAN                                                  






                            AUGUST SUNDAY EVENINGS  7:00 pm                                               AUGUST WEDNESDAY EVENINGS  7: 00 pm

                     AUG. 6     PASTOR  ANDREW JORGENSON                                            AUG. 2   PASTOR  NATE KEISEL

                     AUG. 13    PASTOR  TIM WILLIAMS                                                          AUG.9   PROF.  BYRON CURTIS

                     AUG. 20    PASTOR  KEVIN LABBY                                                           AUG. 16  PROF. BYRON CURTIS    

                     AUG, 27    PASTOR  JEFF YOUELL                                                            AUG. 23 PROF. BYRON CURTIS

                                         COMMUNION SERVICE






  •  08/26/2023 07:00 PM

Popular local contemporary Christian group

  •  07/21/2023 07:00 PM

Contemporary Christian Group

  •  06/17/2023 06:30 PM

Talented young gospel singer